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Our commitment

Les Butineuses has committed itself and made the environment its priority.

Eco responsibility

Everything needs to make sense. As well as the question of “made in”, we are just as interested in the question of “made how”.

Our way to contribute to renew natural resources is by sourcing and providing you with seasonal seeds locally sourced in the UK.

      • We source our seeds directly from a cooperative working with a network or growers in the UK and in Ireland.
      • We select seeds of open pollinated varieties so you can save your own seeds. This is a commitment to offer knowledges, savoir-faire and awareness made to last and to be passed down from a generation to another one. Because plant genetic diversity belongs to everyone! 
      • Our box is made of FSC certified paper board and printed with vegetable ink. Recyclable.

Stuff we are working on

We’ve always tried to do the right thing and we will always make our best to do things right and to evolve our environmental footprint.

Our seed packet packaging are currently a compound of recyclable and non-recyclable materials which means materials need to be separated for the manilla kraft enveloped to be recycled. This is far from ideal and from being suitable with our values but due to the pandemic and lockdown, we had very limited choice for our prototype. We’re working hard on changing the packaging for it to be 100% recycled, and you should see this start to filter out later this year – watch this space!